spectral radius

spectral radius

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  • Spectral radius — In mathematics, the spectral radius of a matrix or a bounded linear operator is the supremum among the absolute values of the elements in its spectrum, which is sometimes denoted by rho;( middot;).pectral radius of a matrixLet lambda;1, hellip;,… …   Wikipedia

  • Spectral gap — In mathematics, the spectral gap is the difference between the two largest eigenvalues of a matrix or operator; alternately, it is sometimes taken as the smallest non zero eigenvalue. Various theorems relate this difference to other properties of …   Wikipedia

  • Charge radius — The rms charge radius is a measure of the size of an atomic nucleus, particularly of a proton or a deuteron. It can be measured by the scattering of electrons by the nucleus and also inferred from the effects of finite nuclear size on electron… …   Wikipedia

  • Perron–Frobenius theorem — In linear algebra, the Perron–Frobenius theorem, proved by Oskar Perron (1907) and Georg Frobenius (1912), asserts that a real square matrix with positive entries has a unique largest real eigenvalue and that the corresponding… …   Wikipedia

  • Matrix norm — In mathematics, a matrix norm is a natural extension of the notion of a vector norm to matrices. Contents 1 Definition 2 Induced norm 3 Entrywise norms 3.1 Frobenius norm …   Wikipedia

  • Spectrum (functional analysis) — In functional analysis, the concept of the spectrum of a bounded operator is a generalisation of the concept of eigenvalues for matrices. Specifically, a complex number λ is said to be in the spectrum of a bounded linear operator T if… …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (S) — NOTOC S S duality S matrix S plane S transform S unit S.O.S. Mathematics SA subgroup Saccheri quadrilateral Sacks spiral Sacred geometry Saddle node bifurcation Saddle point Saddle surface Sadleirian Professor of Pure Mathematics Safe prime Safe… …   Wikipedia

  • Banach algebra — In mathematics, especially functional analysis, a Banach algebra, named after Stefan Banach, is an associative algebra A over the real or complex numbers which at the same time is also a Banach space. The algebra multiplication and the Banach… …   Wikipedia

  • Numerical range — In the mathematical field of linear algebra and convex analysis, the numerical range of a square matrix with complex entries is a subset of the complex plane associated to the matrix. If A is an n × n matrix with complex entries, then… …   Wikipedia

  • Normal operator — In mathematics, especially functional analysis, a normal operator on a complex Hilbert space H (or equivalently in a C* algebra) is a continuous linear operator that commutes with its hermitian adjoint N*: Normal operators are important because… …   Wikipedia

  • Operator norm — In mathematics, the operator norm is a means to measure the size of certain linear operators. Formally, it is a norm defined on the space of bounded linear operators between two given normed vector spaces. Contents 1 Introduction and definition 2 …   Wikipedia

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